Single Her Out - Tom Dove

My friend and colleague 'Neil Spooner Spoondawg' was kind enough to let me join him as a guest at his syndicate water the other day - Lakelands in Hatfield Peveral. We managed to leave work on time and arrived at the small syndicate at around 6pm.
Before long I had managed to spread a couple of kilos of Cell all over the open water in front of me - a tactic that works well for me on many waters. I managed a quick bite on a zig that I had randomly cast to a showing fish whilst setting up, a 17 pounder, which was a nice way to start my short overnighter.
I positioned my rods before dark – I had two rods over the bait and had left my zig out to the left where I had caught the quick fish. About midnight my first bite off the bottom came to the middle rod. I played the fish in the moonlight and soon had it on the frosty mat - a nice 22lb mirror was the result.
Later on at around 2 o’clock one of the syndicate members had hooked a bionic common that had towed him around the lake in the boat then directly in to my zig rig. We messed around helping him land the common and freeing the fish, boat and net from the now smashed up zig rig – I hadn’t yet recast the rod I landed the 22 on so I did once we had finished the boat saga.
At 6am, I woke from my broken sleep and layed looking out at the lake thinking about my days work ahead when my middle rod signaled a steady bite. After a short tussle, the fish weeded me up about 40 yards out which gave Neil and I no option but to jump in the boat and get over the top of it. Once directly over the fish it slowly came free of the weed, surfaced, then shot under the boat at a rate of nots.
By this time I had caught a glimpse of what fish it was and quickly said: " Single Scale," to Neil. The only reason I knew it was that fish was because we had been drewling over some pictures of it the previous evening.
Neil obviously had a very good clue what it was as unfortunately it was his target fish. With bit of guidance we eventually had the beautiful big, dark mirror in the bottom of the net along with a mountain of weed.
What an absolutely stunning carp and at 39lb 12oz certainly made packing up to go to work a tad nicer! I’m over the moon to catch such lovely carp, thanks to Neil for taking me over there and sorry mate for fluking the biggest fish in the lake! Take a look at the pictures – what an awesome creature!!!

Tom Dove