Simon Kenny gets amongst some more Essex Manor chunks!

Taking a gamble on the weather conditions over the next few days really paid off for Simon Kenny when he landed a 44lb mirror, along with a couple of mid-30s.

Simon has been having a season to remember at the Essex Manor, and yet another forty fell to his rods when he moved into an area where he thought the fish were going to show up, if the weather did what it was forecast to do.

He revealed: “I arrived on the Sunday for a 72 hour session, and although it was very busy I knew that some anglers would be heading home soon. It was obvious where the bulk of the fish were as they were showing at one end of the lake, plus a couple had been caught from this area over the weekend.

“But the next day the weather was set to completely change, with the pressure dropping and north-westerly winds and rain coming in, and in the past I’ve had some good results second-guessing what the fish will do – although it doesn’t always work out as at this time of the year they don’t always follow the wind.

“I decided to take the gamble anyway and set up in a swim known as the ‘Eighteen’, and if the forecast was correct, the wind would be pumping right into my margin the next day. I fished all my rods on Elliott Gray style combi hinge rigs, with size 4 Choddy hooks, 25lb Mouthtrap and 20lb N-Trap Soft. I’ve used this for the past couple of seasons on here and it has served me well with very reliable hook holds. I cast all my rods 15 to 20 yards out and baited with 3kg of Sticky Baits Krill boilies which I’d soaked in Pure Tuna Liquid, and I was fishing Signature Squid hookbaits over the top.

“That night the lake was very still as the wind dropped right off, but when I awoke at first light the wind had swung and a gentle breeze had started to push into my swim, and as the day wore on it got stronger, and around midday I saw a big mirror show over my area.

“My first take came at around 2pm when the right-hand rod pulled up tight, and after a hard battle where the fish did its best to get into the reeds, I was able to net a lovely scaly mirror of 34lb 8oz.

“I got the rod back out, feeling sure I’d get another chance, and sure enough, a few hours later the same rod was away again, and this time the fish felt very heavy as it plodded around for ages in the deep margins. When it finally popped up and slipped into the net I could see that it was a ‘breeze block’ of a carp and it weighed in at 44lb.

“I managed one more bite during the early hours, which resulted in another lovely mid-30 mirror, known as Heart Tail, but as we’d already met on a couple of different occasions I slipped her back without a photo. The following day the wind dropped off and the sun came out, and that was the end of my window of opportunity.”