Simon Kenny finds success close to home!

Simon Kenny seems to have been bumping into big fish wherever he has gone this year, and that hasn’t changed since he concentrated his attentions on a new venue closer to home.

Simon had already enjoyed an amazing run of big carp from the Essex Manor this season, including quite a few over 40lb, and having managed to catch all of his target fish, he has focussed his attentions on a Norfolk syndicate water.

Things got off to the perfect start with the capture of a monster known as the TLC Common, which weighed in at 49lb 8oz, and since then he has been catching steadily, including another cracking common which tipped the scales at 39lb 14oz.

He explained: “Over the past month or so I’ve been concentrating on my local syndicate water, fishing 48 hour sessions each week. During these sessions I’ve been steadily feeding an area at the bottom of the margin shelf, baiting it with a mixture of different sized Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

“I knew that this area had previous form for producing fish during the autumn, and by keeping the bait going in I have managed to keep the bites coming. As well as the big common, aptly named the Mint Common, I’ve also had others including mirrors of 34lb 8oz, known as the Pretty One, and 27lb 12oz, plus a 27lb 2oz fully-scaled.

“The area that I am fishing is very silty, so I’ve been using chod rigs, with White Ones hookbaits, as well as soaking my freebies in Manilla liquid, which is very cloudy,” added the 33-year-old welder, from Diss.

His successful rigs have been tied using size 4 Choddy hooks to a 25lb MouthTrap hook link, and have been fished in conjunction with a Naked Chod Kit on a 20lb IQ2 leader to 20lb SUBbraid main line.