Simon Kenny achieves his target at the Essex Manor!

Simon Kenny achieved his ambition at the Essex Manor when he landed this chunky 48lb 12oz mirror known as George’s as part of a three fish catch!

This was a fish that he had first seen in Darrell Peck’s book, ‘My Misspent Youth’, and had wanted to catch ever since, and after landing many of the other big residents at the famous venue, he finally achieved his goal, as well as landing other mirrors of 32lb 8oz and 24lb 6oz during the same session.

Simon explained: “I can remember looking at the pictures of George’s for ages and thinking what a magnificent fish he was, and then a few years later I managed to get a ticket. As soon as the ticket came through I dug out the book again to have another look, and decided that I really wanted to catch it myself one day.

“Catching it was easier said than done though, and after two seasons on there, although I’d caught the vast majority of the other fish, George’s still hadn’t come my way. It is undoubtedly the hardest of the big guns to catch and a lot of the successful anglers on there hadn’t had him, but I was hopeful that I wouldn’t turn out to be one of them and decided to do another season on there to see if our paths would cross.

“I’d been catching consistently throughout the beginning of spring so my confidence was high, and as I was driving to the lake on the Sunday morning listening to the radio they mentioned that it was St. George’s Day!

“The lake was reasonably busy, but as all the weekend anglers started to leave I dropped into the Garden swim, which is an area George’s favours and also one of the pegs I’d been very successful in.

“I wrapped the rods up to my favourite clay spots close in, and as usual I was using the Elliott Gray hinge rigs, tied with size 4 Choddy hooks to 25lb Mouthtrap and N-Trap Soft, with Hybrid lead clips. I’ve been using this set-up for a long time now and the hook holds are always very reliable, and I fished it with Sticky Baits Peach and Pepper pop-ups, baiting with plenty of Krill boilies.

“The first night was quiet, but there were fish in the area so I was still confident, and the next afternoon I saw numerous shows to the left of my swim and not far off my bait. Not long afterwards the bobbin on the left-hand rod and I lifted into a very heavy fish, and as the fight went on I knew I was attached to a big carp.

“When it rolled and I saw the scale pattern I knew that my ‘obsession’ was on the end and I really didn’t enjoy the last few moments of the fight as I was desperate to get him in the net!

“It felt like it was in slow motion as he slid over the net cord and finally the ‘King of the Manor’ was mine. It had been a year since his last capture and he looked fantastic, and the next part was a bit of a blur as all the boys came round to help with the weighing and photos.

“The next day as it was still sinking in, I managed two more bites to round off a very memorable session that has made my spring!”