Short Session Success - Josh Bennett

With limited time to fish, Josh Bennett turned to day sessions to get his fix. Working hard to find the areas that the fish were using led him to capture a very special carp, as he recalls…

“Like most, my fishing time is limited. Usually, a day or single 24-hour session every fortnight is all I can squeeze in, with the odd weekend thrown in now and then. Because of this, I have to be very settled in my approach in order to concentrate on location when arriving at my venue, to maximize the limited time I have.

Given the almost continuous rainfall we have encountered this winter, we seem to be battling with endless amount flooding. As a result, I have been doing day sessions on a new lake, which is close to home and suits my angling perfectly. Thankfully, it hasn’t been affected too badly by the never-ending rain.

Preparation is the key when time is limited, so with the lake being so close I can easily keep in touch with it and make the most of my time. We all know how important location is through the winter, so knowing where they were held up, I had a good starting point.

Since finding my areas, I have been able to bait, little and often throughout the week, trickling in my ever-faithful Pro Fish, and present a Pro Fish Fluoro over the top. So, arriving on a Saturday morning, my rods were ready and clipped up. By utilizing the distance sticks, I was able to get fishing quickly and effectively after causing minimal disturbance.

Now, when fishing through the winter on limited time and fishing for only a few bites a trip, you have to use reliable tackle and bait. Having confidence in what you’re doing makes everything else easy. So all you have to focus on is fish location, feeding them and then fishing for them.

Finally, everything started to come together. Thankfully, the weather has been kind recently, being incredibly mild for the time of year. As a result I have had some fantastic winter sessions so far, the highlights being eight fish in just seven hours, topped off by a stunning linear weighing 37lb. What a glorious fish in her winter colours.

I’m looking forward to the coming season, but due to a new job, I will be away training for 30 weeks in 2014. This means my sessions may be even fewer and futher between. However, thanks to this past year’s discoveries, I am more than happy to put in the effort, to get out there and let the bait and tackle do the job for me.”