Season four of Monster Carp is coming to a TV near you soon!

The wait is finally over, as a brand new series of the hit ITV4 fishing show, Monster Carp, is coming to your screen very soon!

Over the past 12 months all of the Monster Carp team – including presenters Ali Hamidi, Neil Spooner and Tom Dove – have been working flat out on the new series, and during the filming of it some very special fish were caught from some amazing locations.

Season Four has it all – from action-packed big fish hauling on some crazy lakes that are stuffed full of monsters, right through to fishing on the most famous carp water in the world where they face extremely tough fishing conditions.

The focus of the latest series is purely on king carp, and the trio travel to four different European countries – including one where none of them have ever fished before – as they go in pursuit of monster sized fish.

We have something special in store for you when the new season kicks off at 8pm on July 11, on ITV4, as the fishing was so prolific when the Croatia episode was filmed, we’ve had to make it into a one-and-a-half hour special just to fit all the highlights in!

Croatia is a country where the trio had filmed before – Monster Carp season two – so they know the big fish potential and just how prolific some of the top waters can be if you get things right. But they also wanted to explore a bit more of the country, so they started their journey on a lake right by the Adriatic coast, and it wasn’t long before they were putting a few fish on the bank, with the action increasing as the session went on.

Soon it was time to head back to Zagreb to fish one of the country’s most famous water, Jezero (lake) Ontario, which is renowned for producing some very large carp as part of some huge catches, and is one of the top carp match waters in Croatia. The fishing gets more and more crazy as the session progresses, with frantic action from. some huge carp, including some of the biggest and most sought-after ones in the lake!

Slovenia isn’t a country which immediately springs to mind when you think about carp fishing, but it has some stunning looking waters, and fish, and is rapidly becoming more popular as a destination for travelling anglers, so Ali, Tom and Neil decided to go and see what all the fuss is about.

Initially they find themselves on a very wild and rugged water, where the fishing is mainly from boats as the water is full of tree stumps, so going afloat is essential for positioning rigs and often for landing fish. They soon get to grips with it though, and one of them is lucky enough to find themselves holding a massive common called Toro – a fish that everyone wants to catch and very rarely visits the bank!

They then move onto somewhere completely different, and find themselves fishing what is essentially a park lake, but on a much bigger scale to what we are used to in the UK, and they soon discover that even this type of water has some great fishing on offer in stunning surroundings. This second episode goes out at 8pm on July 18.

Episode three, on July 25, sees them heading off to the land of pizza, Ferrari and Da Vinci, plus of course Italy is also home to some big carp, and is renowned for some of the stunning big commons that it produces.

The team decide to kick things off with a few days on an easier water up in the mountains, near Bologna, to hopefully get some fish under their belts, and soon find themselves landing a few crackers against a magnificent back-drop of hills and Italian countryside.

Having caught a few nice fish, it is then time for the main event and they head towards the north-west corner of Italy to a large lake called Lago di Viverone, which they know is going to be a real challenge. The fishing is very different to what they are used to and involves some real extreme range boat work, plus they have to contend with hordes of hungry nuisance fish, but if they do manage to get it right the rewards are there, as this water has produced some very big fish.

Lac de Saint-Cassien is a name synonymous with carp fishing and is a water that many of us will have grown up reading about, especially the catches being made during the early days by pioneering anglers, such as Kevin Ellis, who famously caught a 76lb mirror back in 1986, and now has a swim named after him.

It certainly isn’t an easy water to fish though, and Ali, Tom and Neil face a number of challenges, including only being allowed to fish the days and access being banned to a large part of one of the arms of the lake where the fish are gathering ready to spawn.

But all their efforts are eventually rewarded and all the low points of the session are made worthwhile when they do finally get it right – including an incredible fish for one of them from the famous Ellis Point. This final episode of Season Four airs at 8pm on August 1.

All of the shows are very entertaining to watch and follow the ups and downs that the anglers experience along the journey in each episode, plus they go into enough depth about tackle and tactics that you are bound to pick up some useful tips as well which will help you in your own fishing, so make sure you don’t miss any of them and set your boxes to record.