Scott Sweetman lands his target fish on his second night!

Scott Sweetman had spent years looking at photos of an old, scaly mirror known as Apple Slice, and he finally put it on the bank at 30lb 4oz along with another mirror of 31lb.

Scott tempted his target fish from a Colne Valley club lake after deciding on a change of venue for his overnight session.

He explained: “After a manic day at work I shot straight down to one of the lakes on my club ticket, but after spending the best part of three hours walking around and finding nothing, I drove to a smaller, more intimate lake.

“After a walk round, I found a group of carp cruising along the margin shelf, and as soon as I spotted them I ran back to the van to get my gear as quickly as possible, as I knew that the swim they were in had form for producing a special, old, rarely caught carp that I dearly wanted to catch.

“I was back in the swim as quickly as possible, and after walking round to the margin and throwing in some chopped and whole Sticky Baits Krill boilies, I got two rods on the area just before it got dark.

“In the early hours one of the rods wrapped round with a nice chunky mirror of 31lb, and not long after that the other one was away. After another hard fight I netted a 30lb 4oz mirror, and as soon as it went in the net I could tell exactly which fish it was. It was a carp called Apple Slices which I’d had pictures of for many years. It was my second carp from the venue on only my second night, so I was lucky to catch the one that I wanted!”

Successful tactics for Scott included a wafter hookbait presented on a size 6 Wide Gape hook, with the hair trapped by a piece of silicone, to six inches of N-Trap Soft, fished on a Heli-Safe System with No Trace beads and a Kable leadcore leader, and 12lb Kontour fluorocarbon main line completed his set-up.