Scott Sweetman lands a Yateley original on an overnight session!

Following the capture of a carp that he had spent the last couple of years pursuing, Scott Sweetman decided to head over to the Yateley complex for a night to celebrate with a few beers!

That proved to be a good move as not only did he have an enjoyable night on the bank, but he also managed to land this stunning old original mirror known as Stumpy at 31lb 8oz.

He explained: “I arrived at the lake just before first light and had a quick walk round but found that it was quite busy, but I felt confident that some carp would end up where there were no lines.

“I dropped into a swim I fancied and just put singles out for the morning, keeping my eyes peeled for any signs of fish. I noticed a small patch of fizzing but didn’t cast there straight away as I didn’t want to risk spooking any fish that were feeding.

“Come lunchtime I had a quick plumb around the area where I saw the fizzing, and it turned out to be a lovely smooth silt spot, which I soon had the rods clipped up to and baited with some 20mm Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

“I decided to fish two different rigs, with one being a short hinge rig and the other on a bottom bait.

“It was the bottom bait that produced a bite at first light the next morning, with a screaming take, and after a short scrap I managed to net it, and when I looked in I could see a tiny tail, leathery flanks and melted pecs, and knew straight away that it was Stumpy. It was a real privilege to catch such an awesome old carp.”

Scott’s bottom bait rig involved a 20mm Krill boilie fished on a size 4 Wide Gape hook with a small rig ring on the shank and a big piece of shrink tube of the eye, and used 15 lb N-Trap Soft. Due to the presence of some weed, he was using a helicopter set-up with leadcore and a Heli-Safe to eject the lead, with 15lb Touchdown main line.