Scott Clark bags a 50!

Actively re-positioning his rods as the conditions changed throughout the session really paid off for Scott Clark, resulting in a brace of mirrors scaling nearly 90lb and topped by a 51lb 8oz chunk known as the Boss!

Scott kicked his session off with a 38lb 6oz mirror, known as the Stripe, soon after getting his rods out and then had to wait around 24 hours, until he was on the verge of packing away. for his next action, which resulted in the capture of the big ‘un, which smashed his previous PB.

He revealed: “After a few hard weeks at work and not being able to go fishing due to some lakes being frozen, I finally managed to book a Friday off work and set off for Fryerning Fishery on the evening before my session was due to start.

“I arrived around 3pm and as there were only a couple of anglers on the lake I would have a good choice of pegs, including one called the Royal Box which controls a lot of water, including some of the deeper areas where I knew they would still be holed up.

“I’d never fished the peg before, but knew it had options in both shallow and deeper water, plus access to an island, and knew that it had done a lot of big fish at this time of the year in the past.

“I put my left-hand rod just off the island in six foot of water and the other two were fished towards the middle of the lake, one at 80 yards and the other at 100 yards. I was fishing two rods on IQ D-rigs, tied using size 6 Kurv Shank hooks and 15lb IQ; the other, one of the open water rods, was on chod so that I could easily move it around if I saw anything show. I attached a four-bait stringer of Sticky Baits Manilla boilies, along with around 30 freebies and four Spombs of hemp and corn.

“After a quiet first evening, I set my alarm for first light, but despite sitting and scanning the water for a few hours I saw nothing. After what seemed like a lifetime, I finally saw one show but decided to keep the rods in position as it had been in the vicinity and I didn’t want to disturb them.

“The day felt much colder as we’d had a lot of rain the previous night, and around 2pm I decided to move my rod that was in shallower water, and cast it to an area 70 yards out. With all three rods now fanned out in the deeper water, I now felt that I was making the most of what was in front of me.

“Before I could finish my first brew, the right-hand rod tore off and after a brutal fight that lasted around 20 minutes, I managed to net a 38lb 6oz fish known as Stripe. I was thrilled to have a result so quickly, but nothing else happened and I re-did the rods before dark.

“The next day I was up again at first light, and this time I did see one pop its head out at around 6.30am, but then a few hours passed without any action and I decided that something was needed to try and force the situation. I felt the left-hand rod was the least likely to produce, so I changed it over to a ‘Ronnie Rig’ baited with a white pop-up to see if that might tempt one – it wasn’t a set-up that I’d used much before but was one I’d been playing around with and tweaking.

“The afternoon drifted by with no signs of fish and as the light began to dip, it signaled that it was time for me to pack away, but I’d decided to leave the rods out until the time when I’d had the fish the previous day.

“Another angler came over for a chat, and out of nowhere my left-hand rod let out a series of bleeps and the hanger pulled up to the rod, and then started dropping back as I dashed to the rod.

“After a hard five minute tussle I’d managed to get the weighty fish back to within 20 yards of the bank, but then it went solid around 10 yards out. I gently applied pressure until it5 began moving again, and after we got a few glimpses of it rolling, the other angler said ‘I think I know which fish it is’, and with that in mind, I knew I had to take my time!

“Around five minutes later the fish came to the surface and I was able to guide it into the waiting net, and there lay the unmistakable fish known as the Boss. We put it on the scales and they went around to a mind-blowing 51lb 8oz, which smashed my PB to pieces, and I’d achieved something that for many years I’d only dreamt of!”