Schoolboy Ryan Taylor lands a new Walthamstow record!

Ryan Taylor had a fantastic result when he landed the big common from Lower Maynard on the Walthamstow Reservoirs complex at 46lb 8oz to set a new record for the venue – and he is only 14 years old!

The famous North East London fishery allows limited night fishing, and Ryan took advantage of that to bank one of the most sought-after carp at the day ticket complex whilst fishing with his dad, and to cap it he had it at its best ever weight as well!

Ryan, from Hampstead, revealed: “I did an overnight session on Lower Maynard but wasn’t expecting to catch the big one at a new complex record.

“It gave a great fight and I knew it must be one of the bigger fish in there, so it was a relief to get her in the net.

“I was fishing in the original Bird Table swim on a north westerly wind, and was casting to a spot just under halfway out which my dad told me always used to produce fish. I was using an A2 Baits CT white pop-up with a tiny PVA bag, and put out about 100 freebies around it.”

His dad James enthused: “We haven’t really been over there at all and that was the first night that we’d done, but I knew that it would come from that area going on past form.

“He really did me proud and I still haven’t caught that one myself yet – I think him catching it upset a few people as well! The pictures aren’t the best as it was really heavy for him to hold and we wanted to get it back.”

Successful tackle for Ryan included a hinge stiff rig constructed from a size 10 Choddy hook and 25lb Mouthtrap, with Kable leadcore and lead clips.

As far as we are aware this is one of the biggest, if not the largest, carp ever taken from a water in London itself.