Scaly Tail success - Jamie Londors

My fishing partner, Billy Flowers, and I had been pre-baiting some areas on our Essex syndicate water every two or three days, but on this particular day I arrived at the lake at 3pm to find another angler in one of the swims we’d been baiting, so I set up in another area.

Just on dark, the other angler packed up to leave, so in the wind and rain I packed up and moved to where I wanted to be. I soon set up camp to keep everything dry and ran my rods around distance sticks to clip up to the spots I needed to be on.

By now it was about 6.30pm, but the traps were set. At about 10.30pm the rod - locked up to stop the fish getting into the snags - let out two bleeps, and I was in!

When picking up the rod, I could tell it was a good fish as it plodded around in the margin. Five minutes later, my prize lay in the net - an old original called Scaly Tail, weighing 36lb 14oz.

The successful set-up consisted of a size 6 Kontinental hook, tied blow back-style, a 4oz pear lead, four-feet of Dark Matter tubing and 15lb Touchdown main line with a Mainline Cell hook bait.