Scale Perfect - Scott Lloyd

A 24-hour session on Christchurch was a scary thought, knowing it was live for the cameras, shooting a magazine feature for Total Carp. Not only is it a busy day-ticket water, the fish have seen literally every trick in the book and to sneak one of these beasts in such a short space of time was definitely going to be a challenge.

I fished this lake quite a lot in the 2010/11 season, when it was a syndicate water. Knowing the water gave me an advantage and made me think that I could pinch a bite. I knew that location was the key, so turning up at first light was essential; wherever the fish put on their morning show at this time of year was the place to be.

I found some fish in a vacant swim known as The Point at around 60yds; I got in there swiftly and knew there was a spot not far from where the fish were showing. I left them to it and didn’t disturb them in the hope they would choose to return and do there morning feed there again the following morning.

They soon ventured off into the shallower water for the red-hot day that lay ahead. I took this opportunity to get the bait out, applying a couple of kilo of mushed Krill chops tight on the spot I found around 60-yds out.

I then set up my camp and went stalking in another swim around the corner where the fish were enjoying the sun. After a day of frustration trying to stalk one out of the edge and failing I got myself back into The Point swim before the fish started to venture out of the shallows.

I got the rigs out bang on the money, all three were cast tight together on an area of around 6ft wide. My usual large kicker blow-back rig, made up with 30lb Semi-Stiff N-Trap and a simple Lead Clip system was my approach, with a 5oz distance lead. I used Kontour straight through because slack lines were the best way to combat these cunning old carp.

Around midnight I could hear the fish crashing out, certainly enjoying the bait and a short while after, the left-hander was away. The fish shot into the weed almost instantly and the boat was needed to try to combat the problem. Consequently, I lost the fish after the hooked pulled, due to the weed.

Rather than licking my wounds, I was still super-confident with the other two rods that were still out on the spot. I wasn’t far wrong either because the two remaining rods both went off within an hour of each other in the morning. A really dark mirror of 28lb 2oz and a stunning fully scaled weighing in at 31lb 4oz were my prizes, to say I was buzzing with would be an understatement!

It just goes to show that no time on the bank is wasted and quick overnight session can be just as productive as a long session. Even though I work full time on the railway and have currently been planning my wedding for next year, I still managed to travel a 280-mile round trip to tackle the stunning fish that Linch Hill holds.

Be lucky,
Scott Lloyd.