Save These Carp - Danny Fairbrass

Elstow Pits are in danger of being filled in and a waste processing plant being erected on top of the old site but you can help with one simple email.

The Linear Fisheries site has been under threat for many years now, but this one is the most serious yet. If we do not act as a combined force the lakes will be filled in and two of the UK’s best syndicate lakes and a great piece of carp fishing history will be lost forever!

Elstow One is my favourite water on earth, and I include my own lakes in France in that! It took me five years to get a ticket and I have spent many wonderous nights there over the last five years, banking many of its beautiful and unique residents to over 40lb.

I beg you to join me in the objection to the proposed filling in and redevelopment of this historic site by simply emailing your name to petition@korda.co.uk. Together we can save this magical place that has made so many great anglers and spurned so many great products (The spod and 'Stow Bobbin to name but two).

Thank you for your support.

Danny Fairbrass