Save Savay Lake

One of the UK’s most prestigious and historic lakes is under threat and you can help to save it.
Savay Lake, in Buckinghamshire’s Colne Valley, sits perilously on the proposed route of HS2, the high-speed rail link that the government plans to build. The new rail link will cut just 30 minutes off the travel time from London to Birmingham but will cost a staggeringly wasteful £17billion.
Construction is set to start in 2015, effectively bringing the curtain down on fishing at a lake that shaped the sport that you love. The proposed route will also affect other wonderful venues in the Colne Valley. Luckily, there is a groundswell of resistance to the project and you can get involved simply by signing the petition online by following the link posted below.
We can force this issue to be debated in Parliament but in order to do so, the petition must be signed by at least 100,000 people. So, before you decide that it won’t happen, can’t happen, or that it’s not in your back yard, think again. We need YOU to sign up and please tell anyone that you know to do so as well.
Anglers must resist together or we can resign ourselves to being trodden on again and again in the name of big business. Next time it might be your lake.

Paste the below link into your browser and help save Savay Lake.


This is what Danny Fairbrass had to say on the Savay issue…

“You may not know, but I was a days-only member of Savay many years ago. I don't think that I ever got close to catching a carp there, but I still loved every moment. The lake is quite simply the most stunning place I have ever fished! The amazing fish that swim in it and the legendary anglers who’ve fished it make Savay an irreplaceable gem in carp-angling history. It must be saved!
The planned routes will affect several waters in the Colne Valley, Korda lake for example. The name Korda Developments came after an exploratory visit to the lake for the up-and-coming season, some 20 years ago now! Sadly, I have never fished the lake but hold it in equally high regard as Savay, not just because it helped inspire my company name but because it is equally magical as a fishery.
I urge all anglers and everyone who cares about our countryside to join with me and sign the petition to stop this rail link devastating such a historic and idyllic part of our beloved country.
Thank you for your support! Together we are unstoppable!”

Danny Fairbrass

If you would like to help further then there are a few more courses of action that you can take…

1. Visit the HS2 Action Alliance website - www.hs2actionalliance.org and www.chilternsociety.org.uk to get the full picture of the damage that this proposal will cause.
2. Write to your local MP and copy in Phillip Hammond the Transport Secretary.
3. Write to Prince Charles, Clarence House, London SW1A 1BA and tell him why this cannot be allowed to happen.