Sandhurst Haul - Simon Shenton

Shropshire rod, Simon Shenton, has been in touch to tell us about a mega hit that he had at high-profile CEMEX venue, Sandhurst. He takes up the story…

“I arrived at Sandhurst with a mate at around 3pm on Sunday and decided we should have a walk round before setting up. After chatting to a few of the anglers that were already set up it became clear that the lake had been relatively quiet for the last day or so. Whilst chatting to the occupants I noticed that there was a lot of bait in several of their swims. A few of the lads were soon to be pulling off and judging by what I had seen, there would be a decent amount of Cell spread about the lake already.

The walk around the lake helped us with our plan, which was to fish single Cell pop-ups. It seemed a lot had already gone in and with the temperature due to drop over night I had a strong feeling they wouldn’t be interested in a bed of bait.

We didn’t see any carp during the walk about and therefore decided to fish adjacent to each other. Doing this would allow us to dominate the area in between us and we would have total control over a decent chunk of water. I opted to drop into a swim known as The Pipes and my mate set up opposite me in peg 10.

I had a flick about with the marker float and as I expected, it was quite silty in places. After a little persistence I managed to find a hole that was around seven and a half feet deep, this was set amongst an area that averaged around six feet. With this spot now located I decided I would clip up my marker and use sticks, placed 12 feet apart in order to clip up my rod. You do this by simply wrapping the line round the sticks and counting the wraps. It’s a process that is easily repeated and can be very effective where accuracy is concerned.

I positioned my right hand rod at around 80 yards range, in the hole, then fished my middle rod about 20 yards to the left, at the same range. The remaining rod was then dropped a little shorter at around 50 yards.

At around 6pm I saw a fish head and shoulder out in front of me so I quickly repositioned my middle rod, right on its head. To my delight, within 30 minutes I found myself lifting into a very slow take and after a great fight slipped the net under a chunky mirror. It turned out to be a new personal best and with the help of one of the bailiff’s we weighed the fish, known as C-Scale at a weight of 40lb 2oz – smashing my previous PB of 28lb 8oz.

As you can imagine, I was absolutely elated with the capture and decided to celebrate with a few beers before retiring to bed. I got my head down but made sure to set my alarm for 5am, a great time to see fish show.

Whilst making a brew, at around 5.30am on the Monday morning, my right hand rod positioned in the hole ripped off. The bite resulted in a carp named Nigel’s Fish, another of the lakes big ‘uns. The fish looked around the same size as the last and registered 39lb 5oz on the scales. I couldn’t believe my luck.

This was certainly what you would call a dream session and one that I will never forget.”