Russell Godfrey lands two fish from Yateley North Lake!

Russell Godfrey has been back in action again with a couple more fish from the famous Yateley North Lake, including this chunky 30lb 2oz common!

The 35-year-old trace heater managed to bank one of the most sought after fish from the venue last month when he had the Black Common at 43lb 4oz, and his latest trip to the local water yielded two more of its prizes.

Russell revealed: “I turned up at around 4pm on the Wednesday and saw fish feeding close to a snag, and knew that a fish had been caught from the other side of it, so I set up in the Islands.

“I knew that there was a small clear gravel spot just in front of the snag about 50 yards out and chose to fish a 12mm pink Sticky Baits Signature pop-up and slowly drip-fed the area with Manila boilies, corn and pellet, using about five kilos in total and not wanting to dump it all into the swim in one go.

“Within hours of putting the rods out, at around 7pm, I had my first fish, a nice mid-twenty mirror and then topped the swim up with another kilo of bait and got the rods out, but didn’t see anything else show.

“The next day I knew the fish were still around from how the birdlife was reacting, and at around 2pm the birds completely backed off from the spot for about half-an-hour, and I was getting the odd liner but nothing happened.

“I put about six more Spombs over the spot and 30 minutes later the same rod I’d had the fish on was away again and this time it was an old looking common weighing 30lb 2oz. The lake had only done two fish all week so I was very happy with my result.”

Russell landed both fish using combi-rigs tied from 20lb IQ2 for the boom section and 1cm of Supernatural braid, with size 6 Wide Gape hooks and 20lb SUBline.