Russell Godfrey lands the biggest fish in Yateley North Lake!

Russell Godfrey has been having an amazing year on Yateley North Lake so far, and his latest session produced the biggest fish in the lake and set a new personal best.

The 35-year-old trace heater, from Farnborough, fished a 24 hour session at the famous local Hampshire water to tempt the big common known as Murray at 49lb 4 oz.

He revealed: “I went for a walk round the lake on Thursday afternoon and it was already fairly busy, and as I was working away on the Friday so I decided not to fish the Friday night and instead to turn up on the Saturday morning as I knew a few anglers would be pulling off.

“I dropped into a swim where some fish had recently been caught from and were still showing, but apart from a liner during the night I woke up and nothing had happened so I decided to have a look round with one of the other members.

“It was by far the warmest day of the year so far with a strong southerly wind pushing into a corner of the lake, and we were both pretty sure we would find fish there.

“We spotted about half-a-dozen and fired out some mixers but they weren’t overly confident, but we knew there was a good chance of catching them on zigs and rushed off to get a rod each.

“We carried on firing in mixers to try and entice them to feed a bit more confidently and this definitely helped I think.

“I ended up moving my rod a little bit further out as the fish had moved towards some overhanging branches and about an hour later after a few bleeps my rod pulled tight and I was into a fish.

“Within ten minutes of hooking it, the fish rolled and we knew straight away that it was Murray, the biggest fish in the lake.

“Knowing that I was on such light tackle and a small hook - although I did have 20lb SUBline main line on - I couldn’t do anything to control it and just had to bide my time, and after 40 minutes it finally went in the net.”

Russell was using a small piece of black foam soaked in Betalin fished four foot off the bottom and was using a Safe Zone leader.