Russell Godfrey has been in action again at Yateley North Lake!

Russell Godfrey continued his fantastic run of success this season at Yateley North Lake by banking a cracking brace of mirrors, and then returning for another one during a day session.

The Yateley West Fishery controlled venue has a reputation for being tricky and not giving up its residents easily, but Russell, who lives nearby in Farnborough, has already managed to bank ten fish during the eleven nights that he has fished so far this year, as well as losing several others!

The lake had been closed for six weeks whilst the fish spawned, but Russell took full advantage of it re-opening, and after losing a fish when he popped down for a few hours on the Wednesday, he returned after work on the Friday and felt confident when he managed to get back in the same swim.

Russell explained: “I put both rods out to the same spot about 100 yards out to the back of an island and baited up quite heavily with five kilos of chopped Manilla boilies mixed with pellets, corn and salt.

“Nothing happened during the night, but then at 7.15am I had my first bite and played it for 15 minutes, but then I felt the line grating against something in the margins and all of a sudden the hook pulled.

“I quickly got the rod back out and just ten minutes later it was off again, but within seconds of picking the rod up the hook pulled and I was absolutely gutted.”

Thankfully that wasn’t the end of the action and his luck then took a turn for the better soon afterwards.

“I tied a new rig – the same one as I was confident in it and have caught a lot of fish on it in the past – and cast back out and was just sinking the line when I had a take on the other rod.

“This time everything went to plan and after a good fight I finally netted a 29lb mirror, which I unhooked and left in the net whilst I got the rod back out, and then did some photos and myself a cup of tea.

“I didn’t even have time to finish drinking it before the left hand rod was away again and this fish put up a long hard battle, picking up plenty of weed on the way back in. I had to strip off and get into the water to remove a lot of the weed, but with the help of some of the other members I managed to net a stunning, very dark mirror of 33lb 4oz.

“All of these bites came within 90 minutes, and although I was disappointed to lose two of them I was over-the-moon with my tenth fish in eleven nights.”

Russell then returned a few days later, arriving at 5pm and getting his rods out by 6pm, and less than ten minutes later he was playing a fish, which turned out to be the same 29lb mirror he’d caught on the previous trip.

Russell tempted them all on pink Signature pop-ups presented on size 6 Wide Gape hooks to a combi-rig tied from 20lb IQ for the boom and 1cm of Supernatural braid, with 20lb SUBline, fished helicopter style using Dark Matter rig tubing.