Rough-Weather Whacker - Terry Millward

Terry Millward recently experienced the winter session of a lifetime, banking a huge common on a recent trip. Here's how he managed it!

"After checking the weather report for the week ahead, I realised it was going to be poor for work. So, I decided to visit Wintons Fishery, on the Kingfisher Lake, a venue I’d only joined a week before and one I was incredibly excited to get my teeth into.

On my previous 48-hour trip, I had no success. However, the guy fishing next to me managed to bank a stunning 38lb common, from The Socket swim. So, on my next trip I was determined to turn that all around and make a start on my new water. I arrived in the pitch black around 6am and had a little walk around, but with no fish activity I headed towards the Socket swim, hoping there might be one or two fish lurking about.

The wind was absolutely battering into the swim, on most days it would have been uncomfortable, but especially in February. The margins either side of the swim are around 3ft deep, so with that in mind and with the fish last week coming out from that area, it was a good starting point. So, I baited three different spots with a light scattering of Cell and set my traps.

Setting my home up was a challenge in itself. Then finally when I got my home set up without it flying away, it was a waiting game, time to sit back, relax and read my Kindle.

The wind was relentless, hitting my lines constantly giving me false indication. After hearing my left-hand margin rod beep five separate times, I decided to go out and check it. The rod was bent double, my heart jumped out my chest; I was in.

After long, hard battle, the biggest fish I’ve ever seen slid over the net cord and was mine. I let out an almighty cheer and called the main office to ask the bailiff to come and lend me a helping hand.

When we got round to weighing the beast, it pulled the scales round to 47lb 4oz, a fish known as the Pretty Common at its biggest ever weight.

Get in!"