Robbo's Huge Common

We recently shot a feature for Carpworld at Tatton Park in Cheshire – home to the Cheshire record, an astounding common of 54lb plus. On the day the featured angler Ian Hutson, was fishing with a friend John ‘Robbo’ Robinson. It was Robbo’s first trip to the water, yet he was to get more than he bargained for! After Richard Stewart left for home, Robbo banked two fish, 24lb 1oz and 34lb 6oz, from a clear spot that he’d found. Two fish in a day from Tatton is incredible angling and Robbo’s campaign was to get even more remarkable on his next trip. He takes up the story…
“I’d found a clear patch in 11ft of water, at around 90 yards the previous week. I took the two fish after spodding 3kg of Cell boilies and sweetcorn to the area. I chose the swim because it just didn’t get the same amount of pressure as the better-known spots. It was a gut feeling as much as anything.
On my return to the lake I found that I was second at the gate in the morning. Luckily, I was able to drop back into the productive swim. I spodded the same amount of Cell and corn out, despatching two rods to the spot. The other angler, Tim, came across to borrow the Carpworld mag that I had brought. While we chatted he said, “Robbo, imagine if you caught one off the spot again!” Well, believe it or not, the alarm emitted one bleep, then roared off. It was difficult getting the fish through the weed. Luckily though, Tim waded out 20 yards with the net to ease the problem. It came to the surface 20 yards out from whereupon he said, “It’s a lump, it’s a lump!” As it rolled over the net Tim shouted, “It’s the big ‘un!” Robbo weighed the great fish in at 52lb 4oz – a new PB!
He trapped the great fish using one metre of Weed/Silt Kable Leadcore, a Hybrid leadclip, a Square Pear swivel lead, 30lb Weed Green N-Trap tied to a size-6 Kaptor Kurv Shank, fished blow-back style and baited with an 18mm Cell bottom bait, tipped with peach-flavoured corn. Well done to Robbo from all at Korda!