Rob Burgess is our FIRST Korda Koach!

I am very pleased to announce that we have found our first Korda Koach! Rob Burgess massively exceeded my already high expectations in his interview, and I am sure that he will immediately be making a huge difference to anglers on the bank up and down the country.

Rob has caught them from literally every type of water imaginable and has been a prominent member of our sponsored angler team for some time. He is a big fish angler, on syndicates and day tickets, as well as being a hugely experienced carp match angler, so he will be able to Koach the complete beginner as well as the seasoned angler.

In addition to his album of impressive carp, Rob and his best mate Marc Cavaciuti have been stand-out tutors on the Korda Carp Academy over the last few years with endless patience and energy, so, he is no stranger to coaching.

His remit is to stop at anyone he passes and simply ask them if they need any help with any part of their angling, be it rigs, bait, casting, baiting up, feature finding, location, floater fishing, zigs and of course playing, landing and photographing fish. He will be helping any angler make more from the tackle they already have, and it doesn't matter what company that tackle comes from. So, if your tackle box is full of ESP or Fox or Nash he will help you to get the best from that, not pressure you to use Korda. This role is about giving something back to the sport and helping people get the very most from their free time, whether they use Korda or not. Of course, he will be showing our kit if the angler doesn't have what he thinks they need to succeed, for example if the fish are being caught on zigs and the angler only has coated and stiff hooklinks, Rob will of course recommend Korda Zig Line, but if that same angler has some size 10 hooks that will do the job he will help them tie the rigs up with those.

Rob will also have lots of free samples with him, these may be new rig items or existing ones and if your tackle box doesn't have what you need to catch, he will donate bits from his bottomless tackle box to get you started on the right track. He will have lots of ‘special’ hookbaits from Mainline - some doused in Team Korda’s favourite Goo’s, as well as the amazing new Link boilies and the hookbaits to compliment them.

He will spend as much or as little time with each angler as they require and there is no obligation to use his services at all, we fully expect ‘No, I'm alright mate’ more than ‘Yeah could you just have a look at this and make sure I'm tying it up right’.

What we hope is that when the more sceptical anglers see the difference he is making to others around them, they will ‘open up’ just a little and accept his free advice.

So, the cynics among you will be thinking ‘what's the catch, what does Danny get out of it?’ Well I unashamedly hope more people will use Korda and Mainline, because I wholeheartedly believe it will serve them in their fishing and catch them loads of carp. I expect this to happen organically and would be mortified if Rob were marching people up to tackle shops with their wallet out having dissed all they have in their tackle box already. Rob is so not like that anyway, and he and I share a vision that people will be inspired to up their game, and when they do they may, and I stress may, choose our bits to do it, but if they don't so be it. As a successful company I see Korda as having a moral obligation to put something back into the sport we have all profited from so well. Having bailiffed at Gigantica last summer, I have seen how much people spend on our kit and then are not getting the best from it, in spite of all the educational films we have made. A coach bridges that gap and makes sure each person gets the absolute most value-for-money from the kit they have already, and stops them wasting money in the future.

Rob will be working the day ticket venues first and foremost, and will be on the bank eight hours a day, five days a week - normally working from Tuesday to Saturday. The venue he will be working each week will advertise his services well in advance, so you can go there and actually approach him for free advice.

He is starting at Todber Manor on Monday 9th July and will be there until Friday 13th. Then on Tuesday 17th he will spending two weeks at Farlows, a venue he knows like the back of his hand as he worked in Eric's Angling on site, fishing almost every night!

His diary will be posted on the Korda site and on social media, so you can make a trip to the venues, not only to enjoy the great fishing they have to offer, but also enhance your skills and your catch rate. If you catch whilst he's around your trophy shots could end up on Korda’s Facebook and Instagram too!

In addition to the UK day tickets, he will be spending at least one week per month from April to October at prominent French venues doing exactly the same job, helping anyone who wants it. This summer he will be spending two weeks at Crete Lakes, a complex he has smashed to bits in the past, and also two weeks at Gigantica, as from the time I spent there last summer we know only too well how just a little extra advice can accelerate catch rates.

Next year he will widen the portfolio of French lakes, so if you are a regular somewhere or a lake owner then get in touch and we will discuss if his free services suit your waters. As a very rough guide there needs to be 20 anglers per week on the venue, plus a swim for Rob to fish, and there must be a tackle shop on site so if anglers do need to update their approach they can do so straight away, as Rob will be getting people started with free bits but not be selling direct to the angler.

It is also possible to book Rob’s services if you are a club or syndicate. All we ask is that a minimum of five people attend each day, with a maximum of twenty, and that he spends at least two days at each venue to save him charging around the country like a mad man. To ensure this service works well we are asking for a £150 per day commitment from clubs or syndicates, this money will go into a newly formed Embryo Fencing Fund and will be spent each year on a part or all of a fence for lakes threatened by otter predation, that cannot afford to install a fence themselves. So, if you are a club official or a syndicate manager and you want to raise the skills of your membership please get in touch.

This service, and his work on day ticket venues, is not a replacement for the excellent one-to-one coaching offered by top anglers like Tom Maker, Iain Macmillan, Ian Russell and Scott Lloyd, to name but a few. I know them all personally and they are top anglers that offer a great experience, normally for 24-48 hours, I urge you to keep booking their services as they will give you alone far more time than our Koach can, they will all Katapult (sorry) your skill levels forward many years in just one session, and probably catch you a PB to boot.

Rob will also be hosting a series of indoor events and tackle shop open days over the winter, in addition to his rounds on the day ticket venues which will continue to happen 12 months a year, come rain or shine. Winter fishing can be more frustrating than summertime, and this could be when you benefit most from some extra ‘edges’, sorry Team Fox!

We shall be kick-starting a ‘Slide Show’ circuit featuring myself, Darrell Peck, Simon Scott, and Rob himself of course. These will be spread around the country and will also generate money for the Embryo Fencing Fund. Personally, I love a slide show and really enjoy telling some stories, rather than just giving rig advice. My slide shows will be filled with fish shots that have never been seen before from the publicity shy waters that I have fished over the last few years. This will be your only opportunity to see these special shots, and I for one am very excited to be part of this. The venues will be open from mid-afternoon, with Rob hosting a ‘rig surgery’ so bring your tackle boxes and Rig Safes and he'll do all he can to improve your rigs in the few hours leading up to the start of the show.

And finally, Rob’s appointment means we shall be starting the much requested Senior Carp Academy - once again all profits generated will go into the Embryo Fencing Fund - and we expect Rob to host at least one of these events in the UK and one in France, each year, starting in 2019.

As you may have guessed from my enthusiasm, I am hugely excited about this role, Rob is THE man to build this unique service and I sincerely hope we have several coaches working up and down the country in years to come, helping hundreds, if not thousands, of anglers get the very most from their hard-earned money and precious free time.

So, keep an eye on his calendar and don't hesitate to stop his Carp Porter in its tracks as he trundles around your lake.

Tight lines

Danny Fairbrass