Rob Burgess gets amongst them at Wraysbury One!

Ignoring where fish were showing and setting up in a swim where he thought they’d turn up to feed really paid off for Rob Burgess when he paid a visit to Wraysbury One, as it resulted in four fish, topped by this scaly 26lb 10oz mirror.

Rob arrived for a 72 hour session in scorching temperatures and the bulk of the fish were showing in the middle of the lake over deep water, where he knew his chances of getting a bite were low, given the conditions.

He explained: “Upon my arrival they were stacked up in the middle of the lake, but knowing that the hot weather would continue, and the lake would get very busy, I took the long walk round to a swim called Sunnymeads, which commands a bay with some large snags and shallower water of 5-8ft.

“As I set up I could still see plenty of fish in the middle of the pond, but I’ve been in this situation plenty of times before, where you set up on them and after a few casts they’re gone! I’ve I’d only been there for an overnighter I would have been on them, but with a few days ahead of me it was more important where they ended up rather than where they started!

“Putting those fish to the back of my mind, I clipped my first rod up to a fallen tree on the far margin and when I felt the lead down it was very firm, but when I retrieved it there was some fresh weed on it. After a few more casts around the area, I decided to use a Solidz PVA bag to eliminate any chance of my hookbait and rig getting caught up, and so I knew it would be presented at all times.

“Strong terminal tackle was essential, so along with my 20lb SUBbraid main line I was using 15ft of 30lb Arma-Kord Sinking along with 4ft of Kable leadcore and a 3oz inline flat pear, with four inches of 25lb Supernatural braid and a size 6 Kurv Shank hook. I put a Solidz bag bang on the money and scattered a handful of Manilla boilies around the tree I was fishing to. My other rod was fished on a spinner rig on the bottom of a prominent bar that I could see from the bank.

“The first 24 hours flew past with only a few vicious liners for my efforts, but as the sun broke through the following morning I started to see fish around the fallen tree. But it wasn‘t until 5pm when the fallen tree rod was nearly dragged in by a lively fish of 25lb, and that was followed by an upper-double common an hour into darkness.

“With the rod re-positioned, I knew there was a good chance at first light, and right on cue as the sun started to rise so did my bobbin, resulting in a lovely, deep-bodied, scaly fish of 26lb 10oz.

“I had two more bites that day, with a mid-double and a lost fish which got the better of me, and probably went and told all of his mates to go somewhere else for dinner as that was the last action I had. My girlfriend came down for a barbecue though so I wasn’t complaining!”