Rob Burgess bags a couple at Pumphouse in-between Koaching!

Korda Koach Rob Burgess took a break from coaching members of Embryo Angling’s Pumphouse Lake, near Peterborough, to get in on the action himself with a couple of cracking looking commons.

Neither were monsters, but Rob was pleased to land his first fish from the venue, especially as he was only able to fish at night in-between the coaching sessions, and it gave him a chance to prove just how effective zig rigs can be when fished properly.

Rob explained: “Whilst walking round the lake I was stopped in my tracks by a group of carp sunning themselves at the deeper end of the venue, which is something you often find during the winter. After spotting those fish it was a no-brainer for me that evening to set up with zig rigs, which is a method that I love to fish at this time of the year.

“After a couple of casts I knew I’d be fishing in 12-16ft of water, just from feeling the lead down. Finding out the depth is really important when zig fishing, and to get a more accurate idea of the exact depth I use a marker float, or better still, my Deeper Pro+.

“I usually concentrate on the top third of the water column, but make sure that I cover the whole of it, and on this occasion I ended up with my zigs set at 7ft, 9ft, and 11ft. Zig fishing is all about confidence and I know that my usual choice of hookbait, a piece of black foam, works. But I also had a little trick up my sleeve to make it more attractive, and that is the new Isotonic Goo, which is a Supreme version and so is thin and quickly absorbs into foam, or any other hookbait.

“With my bits of black foam ‘supercharged’ I soon had my three rigs out in the area where I’d seen the fish, and sure enough as dawn broke my Stow bobbin dropped to the deck. It was my first fish from the water and I was excited to see what the fish were like, and once I got it in the net I was greeted with an immaculate common.

“After spending the day with the members going over how I approach waters and the different rigs that I use – including my zig set-up – I was very excited tro get the rods back out for the night.

“I was using exactly the same tactics as the night before, but this time I didn’t have to wait until morning, as within a few minutes of casting out the 7ft zig it was away and I was attached to a very angry fish. My size 8 Mixa hook held firm though and another immaculate common was mine.

“I’m very much looking forward to re-visiting Pumphouse in the summer and I’ll be infusing some pop-ups with Isotonic Goo well in advance.”