Road Lake Stocked and Open Soon!

Ask yourself, how many times will you get to fish for practically virgin, big carp? Well, here’s one such chance! Danny Fairbrass’ French venue, the Road Lake, opens this Saturday, complete with an incredible 226 new fish! The stunning gravle pit is on the same complex as the famous Gigantica Lake, and it will soon have a stock to rival its more illustrious sibling.

The Gigantica team has been hard at work while the lake has been closed over the winter, boosting the facilities and of course, adding to the stock. The team have stocked an incredible 185 carp over thirty pounds, topped by 13 over the 40lb mark, adding to the beautiful stock that already existed in the lake. The fish have been sourced from two reputable French fish farms, and comes with the utmost pedigree. It is expected that they’ll flourish in their new home and will cement the Road Lake in the upper echelons of the French holiday market. We now have a brand new toilet and shower block on the Road Lake and fridge-freezers.

We’ve included some shots of a selection of stocked fish, to give you an idea of exactly what you’ll be fishing for if you pick up the phone to book your place on the exciting venue. The lake has been test-fished by a number of groups so far, all of whim have had stunning results. Dan Wildbore and Tom Maker banked 31 fish in a few days, to over 30lb and members of Korda’s Benelux team have just returned after a successful trip.

So, it’s all coming together nicely, just in time for you to book your slice of the action. All the details you need are on the Gigantica site, which is www.gigantica-carp.com but here’s a brief outline…

The Road Lake costs £315 for seven days, per person. Trips run from Saturday to Saturday and this price includes breakfast and dinner. If you would like lunch as well, then the cost is £345.

Call 01268 820440 for more details or to make your booking!