Road Lake Round Up - Jake Wildbore

Since the introduction of 200 fish to well over 40lb into The Road Lake, there has been a really positive reaction to the catch reports for the paying customers.

There’s always a concern when stocking new fish into a lake, but when the newly stocked fish and original stock start coming out together, it’s a great relief.

Since the lake re-opened in 2014, there has been a staggering 656 fish caught. With around 30 keen anglers traveling over, if my calculations are correct, that’s an average of 22 fish per angler, so not a bad week’s fishing for only £345, including the full food package.

Through this prolific period, there have been at least 24 people smashing their personal bests, which to us, is really what it’s all about. For example, Mark Birch recently caught the new lake record at 46lb. Before that, he beat his personal best with his first twenty, thirty and then of course a fish over the magical 40lb barrier.

So, to get to the point, if you’re looking to find a venue for your first trip to France or looking for some action, then this is the lake for you.

There are still spaces through the year, so if you want a slice of the action, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01268 820 440 or email bookings@gigantica-carp.com

Be lucky,

Jake Wildbore.