Road Lake Result

Filming for Thinking Tackle Season 8 continues apace, with the team traveling to France last week to Danny Fairbrass’ prolific Road Lake venue. Ali Hamidi presented the show, alongside guests James Armstrong and Richard Stewart – that same lineup that gave us the action-packed show from Hunt’s Corner in Season Seven.
The lads got off to a great start, with James Armstrong in particular among the fish in a small bay. Little did he know it then, but James was about to show just how prolific the 30-acre venue can be! He took a string of fish, casting across to a far-margin spot, although, we’ll leave some of his secrets for the show itself!
Ali and Rich quickly helped themselves to fish, using a variety of tactics. Rich even stalked a chunky mirror for the cameras. The show is set to showcase the beautiful Road Lake and its obliging residents, but it’ll also feature plenty of invaluable tips for those of you heading out to France in 2014.
Season Eight of TT is set to air in the Autumn on Sky Sports, and will be available on DVD this Christmas. Keep your eyes on this site for more information.