Road Lake common record broken by Adi Scuffham!

The Road Lake's common record has been broken yet again - and there are much bigger fish on the horizon at the French venue, says Danny Fairbrass.

The deadly IQ D-rig Adi used to catch the common, ready-tied from the Korda range

The big common also came out recently to Steve Martin at 44lb 8oz

French big fish venue Gigantica’s sister water, the Road Lake, has been producing amazing catches this year, including some very special commons and now a new lake record of 45lb 5oz!

Caught recently by Adi Scuffham whilst on a week-long break at the venue, which is bookable by anyone for a carp fishing holiday, the fish has some very special parentage, as Korda boss Danny Fairbrass reveals: “I want to personally say how pleased I am that the Road Lake common record has been smashed again - it is testament to the amount of forty-plus fish now in the lake and to the quality of the fish themselves.

“All our commons came from the prestigious Bachelier family, who control the amazing Etang La Horre, just down the road from Gigantica. La Horre has produced 80lb-plus commons from the same bloodline so we have high hopes for these fish.

“I would like to personally thank Paul Bachelier for supplying us with such amazing carp, a company like his can pick and choose their customers and I am eternally grateful that he saw our venture as worthy of his stock.

“And, of course, very well done to Adi for catching it. I have seen his tactics and they are, as we would expect, sound. No frills, good all-round angling - simple rigs, good bait and patience. That's all you need on a water with approaching 1,000 carp in 28 acres. Angle well, fish like you do in the UK and you will be smashing them too!”

Adi caught the common on a ready-tied IQ D-rig from the Korda range, using a Gigantica cork dust wafter as hook bait over a bed of Mainline Spicy Crab boilies and 10mm Gigantica pellets. He baited with a total of 3kg every day at 4pm and added three 30s to 32lb 3oz to his tally for the week

Fishing the Brambles swim, Adi had two rods wrapped up at 20 rod lengths, cast towards a tall tree on the far margin, and the third rod was wrapped up at 15 rod lengths and cast to the left hand side of his swim.

On subject of the Road Lake’s even bigger residents, Dan said: “The mirrors are our biggest fish in the lake and the bigger specimens among them have not been on the bank yet this year. There have been numerous 40lb mirrors caught but the really big girls are still well over due. I reckon we will do our second 50-pounder this autumn and with so many in the same bracket it won't be long before the Road Lake is not only a runs water but is a big fish water too.

“We have over 800 Gigantica carp rapidly growing in our state-of-the-art fish farming facility on the main lake, guaranteeing a constant conveyor belt of stunning carp for years to come. The future is bright, the future is Road Lake!”

The same common was also caught a couple of weeks before Adi’s capture at 44lb 8oz by Steve Martin, showing a rapid weight gain between captures. It’s only a matter of time before the lake produces a 50lb common to go with the big mirrors.

There are spaces available on the Road Lake for July, August and September with prices from £315 per person for a week, including daily breakfast and dinner. Check out http://road.gigantica-carp.com or call 01268 820440 for more information and booking details.