River Result - Renaud Morriseau

Despite being initially sceptical, French angler Renaud Morisseau has now seen just how much of an impact the Goo can have on your results, taking an incredible 14 fish over 40lb from his local river, topped by an immense 61lb common, since using the enigmatic liquid.
"When I started using the GOO liquids on my favourite river I was more keen to simply test it, I certainly wasn’t expecting great results. To tell the truth , I was rather sceptical, but I still decided to give it a go. The first time I tried it, I emptied half the bottle into the 10kg mix of particles that I had prepared to bait up with. I mixed the whole lot together, then I poured the other half of the bottle into my groundbait.
To keep the fish in your swim on this river you have to use a lot of bait. My swim was a slack where the fish came to rest. I intended to create a cloud in my swim and keep the fish on it using the Goo and groundbait. I had already caught some fish in this swim the previous year and I had decided to spend the whole season fishing it to see its true potential. Using this baiting technique, along with putting some Goo on my bait, I was going to have my best ever season on this river. I was to catch 14 fish over 40lb, among which was a 61lb common carp. A real beauty.
I got bites much quicker and also managed to land carp in the daytime, which was fairly rare before on this river."