River Aire Produces Huge Mirror

Yorkshire angler, Ste Catterall had a shock recently, banking one of the biggest carp ever caught from a river! Ste told us how it all unfolded, “I was walking my dogs down the River Aire, as I usually do, and I spotted some decent-sized carp swimming in the margins. Having not fished any rivers before I decided to bait a few spots for a few weeks while I waited for the season to open.”

Ste duly baited the river, in the hope of holding the big fish in the area until he could legitimately get the rods out! June the 16th eventually arrived and Ste takes up the story once more, “On the first weekend of opening I managed to get a quick overnighter in. The rods were out at 8pm and one of my alarms burst into life around 11pm. After a good scrap the fish was in the net. When I looked into the net at my first river carp, I couldn’t believe what I saw; it was bigger than anything else I had caught before!
“My friends helped me with the fish weighing and the scales went to 50lb 1oz. I couldn’t believe that I had smashed my PB by 24lb on a river of all places!”

It later turned out that the huge fish a known resident of a local pit, which had been washed out in the floods. So, although it wasn’t a born-and-bred river carp, it’s still the biggest to be caught from a UK river!

Set put his trust in a size-eight Wide Gape to land his river giant.