RIP Bob Pallen

We learnt recently that Gigantica regular and friend of Korda, Bob Pallen, has sadly passed away. The mad keen carper enjoyed many happy sessions at the French big fish water and everyone who met him will be sad to learn of his passing.

Amongst many notable fish, Bob caught Gigantica’s Single Scale at 67lb, White Lines at 44lb, The Bearded Lady at 54lb and The Cheese at 40lb. He was famous for spending many sessions in The Beach, even drawing the swim in the weekly draw, just after packing up and leaving The Beach (following a blank week!) to attend the draw.

Korda boss, Danny Fairbrass, said: “I have known Bob since 2010 when he and his group of 'lucky Londoners' descended upon Gigantica for a lad’s fishing trip. I instantly warmed to their culture of taking the micky, with Bob clearly being the driving force in the group!

“We have met at the lake almost every year since and my friendship with Bob and his pals has grown steadily. To the point where Bob and Barry totally wound me up with a story about Bob catching my number one target fish, The German, only to receive a picture of Bob and Barry holding an actual German man! The laughter down the phone from their end still rings in my ears, the bastards!

“Losing Bob is a blow to all knew him, myself included. He was the epitome of the larger than life character, and testament to the fact that the hooligans never really grow up! I offer my most sincere condolences to his friends and family.

“He will be missed, but never forgotten, we shall make sure one of his many captures adorns the walls of the Gigantica clubhouse for many a year to come.”

Bob’s son Gary, who kindly supplied us with some photos from his dad’s album, told us a great story about Bob that he has allowed us to share: “Here's a little story of an incident from Gigantica. I remember a couple of years back in the middle of the night it was completely silent and all of a sudden I could hear Dad and Baz crying with laughter from the other side of the lake. Dad was shouting at Baz ‘are you gonna net that fish?’ and Baz was saying ‘I have, it’s in the net!’ and then dad saying ‘well why is it swimming away?’

“The fish had escaped through a hole in the bottom of the net, still attached to dad's rod, so Baz then had to put the net over my dad's head so they could then get another net and get the fish back - I think dad spent longer in the net than the fish. I remember them telling me the story over breakfast the next day, still laughing as much as they were the night before! It always makes me laugh thinking about that night - it sums him and Bazza up.”

Bob, from Bermondsey in London, was married with three children and three grandchildren. Our thoughts and sincere condolences go out to his family and friends - he will be sorely missed but remembered with great happiness.