Rich bags the Radish! - Richie Lofthouse

Consistent big-fish angler, Richie Lofthouse has been getting among them on his Essex syndicate water of late. His most recent catch included one of the sought-after original mirrors, a fish called Radish!

He’d already done a blank night, over a spodded area in open water, when a morning recce revealed fish showing off the back of a cold wind. Initially, Richie hung on in his swim, because it’s easy to fall into the trap of chasing these fish all over the lake. When a couple more showed, he had to take action though, and reeled his rods in to take a walk round there.

Once in the area, Richie immediately noticed fish in the margins. It looked prime for a stalking opportunity, so he quickly went back and got his rods. Unfortunately, Rich managed to foul hook a fish very quickly, which proceeded to ruin the swim. He did however, want to make the move round to that area more permanent as he felt that there was a good chance of more action, so he placed a bucket in the nearest swim and went back for the rest of his kit.

Once installed in the swim, Rich made the bold move of putting out 5kg of Hybrid boilies, spread in an arc. He flicked his chod rigs out along the arc and settled in for the night. He didn’t have long to wait for action, and ended up bagging a 33lb mirror (Radish), a 24lb mirror and a 21lb linear. Nice work Rich!