Red Letter Days - Damian Clarke

In the spring of this year, my old mate Adam Penning and I had what is called a red-letter day whilst filming Thinking Tackle. One of the pictures that came out of that session was the both of us holding two very large carp on what was a freezing cold day.
The picture captured the moment perfectly and I thought that it would be a great addition to the wall here at Korda. I’d seen the Negative Image stand at the various carp shows and I know that Darrell Peck has had a couple of prints mounted by them. So, I found their number and gave them a call, the business is owned by a local angler, Adam Reeve, he knows what an angler wants from the image.
Now, bearing in mind that I design tackle and have quite an eye for detail it was really refreshing to meet Adam a man with similar qualities and a passion for perfection. Adam took the digital image and ran it through his “workflow” polishing it up, most wouldn’t even notice but Adams attention to removing even the smallest bubbles on the fish makes for the perfect image.
The finished article is stunning, perfectly mounted in a handmade frame, beautifully titled, the colours have real depth and warmth. I’m so pleased with it that I just had to thank him publicly - cheers Adam.
If you want a picture printed, then look no further! Negative Image can print from; negatives, slides, digital and even photographs on a wide selection of mediums. They can ‘touch up’ images, adjust light levels etc, turning an awful image into something you can treasure.

Contact them on:

Telephone 01245 468054
Mobile 07786910236
Email info@negativeimage.co.uk
Web www. negativeimage.co.uk

Words By: Damian Clarke