Red-Letter Day - Ian Stott

I arrived at the Bedfordshire clay pit raring to go. The weather was absolutely perfect – dull, overcast but particularly mild. There was also a slight drizzle in the air.
As always, my first port of call was to have a brisk walk to see if I could spot any fish activity. This would hopefully help me decide on the area I was going to fish in.
Eventually, I found some fish either side of a swim known as the Knarly. They were head and shouldering on the ruffled surface of the water.
The barrow was soon laden with tackle and I walked it around to the Knarly. I soon had the marker float out trying to find a suitable area for the day and night. Knowing the lake relatively well I opted for a 9ft bar that was lightly covered in weed. I feel that the fish feel a bit safer in the weed and are more prepared to feed in there.
Consequently, I popped up the marker and began to spod bait over it immediately. The mix consisted of hemp, boilies, chops, pellets and corn. I consistently spodded bait throughout the session and ended up using well over 20kg of mix.
With the area primed, I cast three hook baits precisely onto the bar. Accuracy is paramount on this venue. My end tackle was kept simple. I knotless knotted a size 8 Wide Gape X to some Hybrid Stiff and then shrunk tubing over the eye, line aligner style. I feel that carp find the angle of the tubing hard to eject. Hook bait choice was an Elite Baits Ocean Fruit pop-up tipped with a small grain of plastic corn. I use this for the visual attractor.
Having watched the fish slicking up throughout the day, showing me that they were feeding, I eventually received a bite at 9pm in the evening. The result was a fantastic 27lb 4oz mirror, followed by another upper 20 that night.
I caught another couple that morning and decided to rest the swim after spodding out some more bait. I feel that taking your lines out of the water for a period of time can really pay off on pressured waters.
My rods went back out in the evening and the session just got better and better. To keep the carp in the area I introduced six spods after each fish and by the end of the session I was cream crackered. In all, I ended up landing 15 fish with nine of them over 30lb topped by a magnificent 36lb 8oz mirror. An unbelievable session!