Ready-Tied Result - Elliott Gray

With the long-awaited arrival of the ready-tied chods now upon us it seemed rude not to give them a go. I was really pleased with how they had turned out and you couldn’t ask for much more from them really. Just by looking at them I could tell that they would do the business. I was due to be on the bank for a few days shooting a feature in so I decided it would be a great opportunity to put them to the test.

The feature was to be shot over at CEMEX’s Chigborough lake, a venue I knew held a decent head of 20lb mirrors and the perfect place to try out the chods. Rob and I arrived at the venue with two days at our disposal so I could certainly give them a good go.

The weather looked unfavourable, with cold easterly winds and relatively clear nights, but I was still confident of action. Both of our swims had an island in front of them, which was an obvious starting point, however, I decided on fishing at short range for the first night. This didn’t work out too well and I actually blanked.

The days had been fishing very slowly apparently and this seemed to be proven as by half past three that afternoon I was still biteless. There were slight signs of activity though and after a bit of a change of area I managed a bite. The bite came to a stiff-link incorporating one of the ready tied chods and resulted in one of the lakes biggest, a mirror of 30lb 2oz. This was a right result and made my first bite on the new chods a very welcome one.

I fished tighter to the island during the second night and had continuous action throughout the night, landing fish to over 20lb. It wasn’t just me though as Rob too was catching well and in actual fact, he landed the venue’s biggest carp just before we left at 32lb 9oz. I had convinced him to give the ready-tied chod rigs a go, rather than tying his own and as luck would have it, that’s what he nailed the big ’un on. This meant that both of our first bites on the chod rigs were November thirties.

On the whole it was a fun trip and installed us both with plenty of faith in the chod rigs. November is a tricky month on any venue really but the fish played ball and we had a right result. I think we’ll both be using them again, I certainly will anyway!