Ready Steady Catch - Neil Raison

Over at Gigantica, we are always looking at ways in which we can improve the site, whether it’s our hospitality, the fishing or the food. We always make sure that every customer enjoys every minute, the second they drive through the gates.

Recently, we have fully refurbished the whole kitchen; ripping out the old one and started afresh with a brand new one. Neil Raison our warehouse manager went out there to refit the kitchen, but also had chance to wet a line. Here’s his story…

“We went over in the middle of February, to strip out the existing kitchen and prepare the room. It was an absolute grueller, we hoped that working 12-hour days would earn us a bit of fishing time at the end of the week. Thankfully it did, we managed an overnighter on the Road Lake.
Dave Mac and Ross Barton came out with me to help with the work and they caught two fish each, to mid twenties. I blanked, this was becoming a habit of mine, and I also blanked on the Korda ‘Jolly Trip’ last year. Although, fortunately the lads back at Korda HQ hardly mentioned it…

Dave, Barty and I returned a few weeks ago, to install what could only be described as the best commercial kitchen money can buy. The job went really well, and as luck would have it, two swims only feet away from the kitchen were free. So, the second night after work, Dave and I had a cast around and put the rods out, with the plan of leaving them out and having a recast every evening.

At lunchtime the next day, my receiver screamed into life, the first thing I did was locate Barty, as it was more than likely a wind up, but no it was genuine. After a brilliant tussle, I landed the Grey Plated at 42lb, a true character of the lake, but one of many scaly beast that swim in the depths.

We decided to move on to the Road Lake for a hard-earned session. Dave had three and lost one on the first night, up to 27lb. I didn’t catch, so I got up early and moved to a swim known as Turtles and whilst sorting out the spots, I noticed fish showing to my right several times. These couldn’t be reached from this swim, so a quick check from the next swim to my right and it proved to be a lot easier to cast too. So, I put a rod on them with some Hybrid and pellet catapulted over the top. The first bite was a small common, and the takes then started to come regularly. The next fish was a 41lb mirror, then a 36lb mirror, followed by 27lb common. What a result! So, I decided to set up in this swim for the night and only fished two rods, as we had an early start the next day to travel home and it was looking like it could be a busy session. The second rod was cast into open water in front were several fish had topped about 50-yards out.

Overnight, I had two fish from the left-hand rod; first one was a lovely clean twenty, then a thirty-pound common, shortly followed by a 28lb mirror.

I started to pack up, the last rod was left out until everything else was sorted, I picked up the rod up and applied some tension to the line to rip the marker elastic off and the tip hooped round with a nice upper double to pack up with.

So I ended up with ten bites, nine landed and a forty from each lake. That’s what I call a good weeks work…”