Rarely caught German Fish caught at new top weight!

The fish at Gigantica are really starting to wake up now and one of the most sought after big mirrors in the main lake has paid a rare visit to the bank!

The German Fish - thus named as it was the first fish to be caught when Korda took the venue over in 2008 and fell to a German angler! - fell to Gigantica bailiff Adam Strauss and was his first ever fish from the water, weighing in at 76lb.

Adam revealed: “I was fishing 60 yards out from the Alamo swim, using an 18ft zig with a 15mm piece of black foam coated in Squid Goo on a size 6 Mixa hook.

“At 7am I got a single bleep on my left-hand rod and I thought it was a bream, but when I went over to the rods I had a massive dropback and reeled down to the lead before lifting the rod and it still felt like a bream, but with a load of weed on it as well.

“It then started nodding its head and I realised that it was a carp, and it fought for about half-an-hour before I could get its head up and over the net. I couldn’t believe how wide the shoulders were, but I never imagined that it would weigh as much as 76lb!”

More Spring-like weather has also seen the fish wake up in the Road Lake, with Liam Burkin managing three 30s, including a 38lb common, from Tea Party 1 using chods, and his mate in the Birches used stiff hinge rigs for mirrors to 33lb.

The team from Dovetail Games were also over, with IQ D-rigs doing the trick for Mark Greenway with a four fish catch topped by a 37lb mirror, and Darren Nokes managed three carp.

There are still limited places available for the coming year on both lakes, although they are filling up fast. Check out: http://www.gigantica-carp.com