Rare Beast Tops Big Hit!

Consistent big-carp-catcher Myles Gibson has been having a remarkable season. Fishing on Dinton’s Black Swan, he landed over 50-fish from the often tricky venue.

Recently though, his efforts were rewarded with some big and quite breathtakingly beautiful carp. Despite catching a couple of fish on his most recent session, he looked to move for his last night and it paid off in style.

Fishing to a clear strip at 130-yards range, Myles cast a couple of rods to the area. He then went out in the boat and baited with a mixture of 12mm and 16mm Krill Boilies.

The action started almost instantly for him, landing a stunning 35lb 6oz linear. That was then followed by mirrors of 19lb 8oz, 32lb, 25lb 8oz, 38lb 10oz and an incredible 40lb 4oz specimen, making a truly hectic nights fishing. Amazingly, this fish has never been caught before, with the last sighting being over 11 years ago when the fish was stocked in to the lake.

Myles fished his own fruity little pop-ups on simple pop-up rigs, featuring size-four Wide Gapes and N-Trap Semi-Stiff hook links.