Raining 30's - Damian Clarke and Adam Penning

The last few days of March were cold, windy and very wet. In fact, the forecast was so bad, we even considered shelving our plans to shoot an episode of Thinking Tackle until things improved. However, the camera crews were booked at some expense and at the last minute, we decided to go with it.
Setting up on Bailiffs Island at the wonderful Chilham Mill in Kent, Damo and I began our 3 night session with the huge added pressure of having to catch carp for the cameras. Damo fished the left hand side and several carp gave away their presence in front of him as we were setting up, in fact he came and told me he reckoned he’d seen a forty pound mirror roll over in the waves!
Just before dawn Damo opened his account with a fine 19lb mirror – I can tell you that this fish meant the world; we hadn’t blanked and we had a fish in the bag to open the show with, the pressure was off!
Little did we know that things were to get better and better; a few hours later Damo was holding one of the biggest commons in the lake at 35lb plus and the runs just kept on coming.
We used a few different tactics, including some cool maggot tricks, so make sure that you keep an eye out because it's unmissable.

Check out the upcoming show on Sky Sports where we reveal how Damo nailed his fantastic 11 carp catch, topped by an incredible forty pounder, live for the cameras. You can also see the account in June's Advanced Carp Fishing.

Adam Penning