Radish - Luke Vallory

Newly turned day ticket water The Quarry, in Essex. Is a venue that’s steeped in history, the venue is past its prime as far as the stock goes but only when you’re talking in terms of fish weights. The lake is, to anyone that lives in Essex, one of the most prestigious venues in the area. The lake was one of the premier, local, big fish waters back its day and although it lacks any carp over 40lb these days, some of the stock are quite simply mind blowing. With around 10 of the big original mirrors still left to go at, there’s still plenty to go for, so that’s why I’ve been putting some time on this prestigious lake.

Not only has it got a handful of original carp still in there, it also has been recently re-stocked with an abundance of beautifully scaly carp too.

My first trip there was back in May; the feeling of opening the gate to a new venue you simply can’t be explained. I had butterflies pretty much the whole way there and once I arrived at the lake, I realised what all the fuss was about. It was quite simply stunning, just how I imagined it. Mature, untouched and just a few swims dotted around the lake.

Each trip I was consistently catching, which was great fun, but my main focus was those old a team carp.

It wasn’t till my fourth trip when I managed to latch into one of the originals. During my 36-hour session I landed a totally of seven carp, but the cherry on the cake was a fish known as Radish 33lb. I was so chuffed to get this one under my belt, there’s something special about catching old carp, especially when you catch them in such good condition for their age.
I’m counting down the days till my next session on there; I simply can’t wait to get back down and hopefully pick out some more of those historic carp.

Luke Vallory.