R.I.P Two Tone

The sad news has hit the headlines during the past few days - Britain’s biggest carp has been found dead. The huge mirror, which was known as Two Tone, and lived in Kent’s Conningbrook Lake, had held the record since 2001 when it was caught by Terry Glebioska at 59lb 7oz. It raised the bar a further six times over the next seven years, peaking at 67lb 14oz when caught by Austin ‘Oz’ Holness in August 2008.

Our very own Team Korda man Darrell Peck was lucky enough to slip the net under this incredible carp and he was gutted to here the news of the sad loss of one of his most epic quests.

Chris Logsdon, boss of Mid-Kent Fisheries which owns Conningbrook, revealed how he made the sad discovery.

“A couple of anglers called to say they’d seen a big carp floating dead on the surface which they thought might be Two Tone, so my son and I went straight over to investigate. Sure enough it was the old boy – I was gutted,” Chris quoted to one of the angling publications.

“He’d had a hard winter followed by a tough spring, but there wasn’t a blemish on him – no scars, ulcers or any other sign of damage. He was just old – he must have been 40 or 45. It’s very sad, the end of an era, because Two Tone was part of carp fishing history. He was stocked into the lake at 12lb in 1982 and no English fish came close to toppling his record from 2001 onwards,” he added.