R.I.P Benson

Britain’s biggest, known, day-ticket common carp has unfortunately passed away folks. The colossal carp, known as Benson, became the target of many dedicated carp anglers across the UK after being the UK’s first common to break the magical 60lb barrier.

Last week, the body of this sought-after specimen, which topped out at 64lb at its best, was found floating on the surface of its home at Kingfisher Lake on the Bluebell complex, Tansor, Northants.

It is the second tragedy that Bluebell has received this year after another of its prized residents, The Creature, also died - another carp that broke the unbelievable 60lb barrier.

Fishery boss Tony Bridgefoot has admitted to being completely ‘heartbroken’ by the news, but with a 50lb-plus mirror currently on-site and two other fish not far behind, he’s adamant that the complex will not suffer.

“I felt sick when I discovered the body of Benson. To lose your two biggest carp within the space of three months is an owner’s worst nightmare – it’s very hard to take,” said Tony.

“We don’t know what the cause of her death was, but I’ve found lots of unsoaked tiger nuts and almonds scattered around one of the pegs. These baits are banned on the complex, so I just hope this has got nothing to do with it.

“Many anglers have come here because of Benson and The Creature, but I still have a ‘50’ and two other fish which could reach that weight by the end of the year, along with countless fish over 40lb, so there are still loads of huge fish for customers to target.”

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