Pure Pleasure - Jamie Londors

Ever wondered what Jamie Londors and Billy Flowers get up to in their spare time, when they aren’t fishing matches? Well, when they can fit some of their own fishing time in, they like nothing more than fishing for pleasure. Here’s Jamie’s account of how they’ve been getting along…

“Being busy over the last few months with work and matches, Billy and I haven’t been out as much we would like for our own fishing. Knowing I had a few evenings spare we headed off to Lord’s Ground. After walking the lake, it was clear where the fish were held up. We spotted a few fish topping on the end of the wind. It was clear they weren’t feeding shows; the carp looked more up in the water, so we opted for zig rigs.

The first thing I did was to find out the exact depth we had in front of us. It was 13ft deep, so we started with twos rods on 12ft and the other two at 7ft. The setup couldn’t have been any simpler, small pieces of foam whipped tight to the shank of a size-eight Wide Gape. The link was the ever-faithful 10lb Kruiser and we used a simple lead clip setup.

The fishing was slow to start with, until we moved one of the seven-foot zigs down the reed line and within a few minutes the hanger smashed into the rod and we were away. Once the fish was in the net we moved two rods down the reed line and took another seven fish that evening. Over the course of a few evenings that week we took 16 fish, all on zigs from 15ft down to 7ft, great sport after work on a warm summer’s evening.

My next trip was to a new water, Cowlands Farm. I have been a member since early May. Only managing to do a few nights and evenings where and when I can. I turned up late on the Saturday night, with a few people on I choose a swim in the corner, out the way, where the wind was blowing in. With little fish activity in front of me I felt it was a good opportunity to have a play around with the marker and see what features where about. The far bank looked a prime area to start with. I found two and half feet before it dropped down into six feet, so this is was a great ambush point for one rod. The other rod went down my margin, which had a big bush sticking out. I left the third rod out, as the last thing I wanted to do was spook any fish out of the corner, so I kept the disturbance down to a minimum.

I kept the rigs simple. The bait on the other hand was a Cell hook bait, which had been soak in Almond Goo, topped with a fake corn, which had been soak in Betalin. The idea was to get different flavours working in the swim. Once the rods were out I spread a mixture of Cell and MkI over the top. It didn’t take long for the first bite to come, which was a nice 17lb mirror. No matter their size it’s always good to get off the mark. It was through the night and early morning where it kicked off. It started in the early hours of the morning with fish of 15lb, 22lb 6oz, 30lb 6oz and to top it off at first light, 31lb. It was then off to work more than happy with the quick overnight result.”