Pupil Turns Teacher - Mark Palmer

Mark Palmer attended the Carp Academy a few years ago and was one of the star pupils of the popular event. He picked up on newly acquired tactics quickly and since then has come on leaps and bounds. In fact, he turned from pupil to teacher for a week. Read on about his success…

“Ever year I go on a weeks fishing trip to Wylands International, located in Hastings. This years trip was completely different to my previous encounters - the fish were proper up for a munch. I started on one lake and managed over 110 fish in 3 nights – to say that the fishing was immense was an understatement.
Due to the warm weather and carp constantly swirling on the surface I was wondering whether or not to try sloppy mix over zigs, which was a tactic I picked up from the popular Carp Academy. Well, I'm glad I switched over to the tactic because I managed to land 54 fish in one day!
My week was traveling far too quickly and before I knew it I only had two nights left, so decided on some new scenery on one of the other lakes. The lake I moved onto was notoriously much harder, with fewer fish in it. After a quick lap of the lake I bumped into a lad who had been fishing on there for a few days, but was struggling. After a long conversation, and the fact that we could have a bit of a social, I decided to bivvy up next to him – it would also enable me to give him a helping hand.
I got to the lake and told him what I would do if I were in his peg. Not to sound like a no it all, but he was a nice bloke and I really wanted him to catch one. He listened very well and he understood everything that I said.
The evening came round quickly and Ben was 100% more confident of a bite. It wasn't long before he had one either. He received a run on a solid bag, which was placed near to an overhanging tree. The fish was soon in the net and the result was a lovely 14lb mirror, which was awesome for Ben.
I put my rods out for the night and also received a belting take relatively quickly. My tactics were fairly simple, fishing a KD rig over a load of Richworth KG1 boilies. After a long battle, I soon had it in the net and a lovely, perfectly scaled common at 22lb 6oz was soon smiling for the camera. I slipped her back and got my rods out for the rest of the night. Soon in the land of nod, enjoying a lovely sleep, I was rudely awoken by my alarm. It was the same rod as my common, but this time it felt really heavy. After a long, hard battle I had her in the net and to be honest it didn't look that big. But, when I hoisted her up onto the scales she went 25lb much to my amazement.
Whilst taking pictures of my fish Ben's rod went again. It was the rod over the boilies thinking that by just fishing boilies he could entice the bigger fish. He played it for ages and it was an awesome fight. Playing it like a pro, keeping it away from the snags in the margins, he soon had it in the net. It was such a nice, scaly mirror carp. We then put her on the scales and she went 18lb 6oz - a new PB for Ben. I was really happy for him.
Overall, the trip was a complete success and I had a brilliant time with Ben. I was so glad that I had helped him. I gave him some tackle and a bit of bait to put him well on his way. It was an awesome weeks angling for me and one to remember for both of us!

Mark Palmer