Productive French session for Dean Macey!

Dean Macey travelled to a tricky water in France and ended up taking a six fish catch topped by a stunning 50lb 4oz common, aptly named the Immaculate Common.

He tackled the snaggy venue in the north of France in less than perfect conditions during which very few fish were showing, but by accurately fishing on small spots amongst the weed, he managed to keep the bites ticking over during the five nights he spent at the water and banked four 40s.

Dean revealed: “There are only around 60 fish in this lake, but during this session I managed to catch two of my target ones, including the common. I also had a 46lb mirror which we’ve called the ‘Back to the Future’ Fish, because it has only been caught twice as far as we know and I’ve had it both times, exactly a year apart!

“I was fishing very accurately to small clear areas amongst weed in the far margins and was boating my baits out and lowering them onto the spots, and then baiting each rod with a tin of corn, a couple of handfuls of hemp, some Elips pellets, and crushed Cell boilies.

“My first bite came within two hours of arriving and even though I was fishing with very tight clutches it still managed to lake line and burnt my finger when I tried to stop it, but then it came off.

“I was leaving my baits out for a couple of days at a time, as I knew that with the heavy leads that I was using the rigs would still be on the spots and I was happy that they were still fishing effectively.

“What was very interesting was that once I’d had a bite off of one spot then the same area wouldn’t produce again and I would have to find a new one if I wanted to be in with a chance of getting another take on that rod. If a rod hadn’t produced within two days then I was trying it on a new spot.

“During the trip I also managed to find some fish in a quiet bay and caught a 34lb mirror during a few hours stalking. When I had the bite I just had my rod laid across a couple of concrete blocks with a towel to protect the line!”

Dean landed all of his fish on beefed up gear, due to the snags, and was using size 4 Wide Gape XX hooks to 30lb N-Trap Soft with Hybrid lead clips, 65lb DuraKord leaders, and 50lb Apex braided main line.