Polar Kombats perfect for winter carping!

With temperatures on the slide, there’s never been a better time to overhaul your fishing wardrobe… and we’ve got just the thing to tempt you.

The Polar Kombats are fully lined with 120gsm polar fleece, which makes them the only combats to use in the coldest conditions that you’re likely to encounter in the UK! They are blessed with a subtlety of design that marks them out as undeniably Korda, yet you wouldn’t know it, because they’re not plastered with logos. The ergonomic fit allows them to move and flex as you move, without ripping or splitting in the at-risk areas like some inferior combats can.

The outer shell is rendered water repellent by a DWR coating, that beads water off as soon as you get wet. Just like the lightweight Original Kombats, the Polar Kombats also have mountaineering-grade mosquito repellent incorporated into the outer shell, to ward off any mozzies that get away to an early start, or persist late into the year.

The Kombats are available in two carpy colours, Dark Olive and Black Forest, and in sizes from small up to XXXL. Go and check them out for yourself at your local Korda stockist this week!