Picky On Target - Martin Pick

It seems that whenever Martin Pick goes fishing at the moment, he catches a big ’un! He’s been on fire this year, and this is his latest report from big-fish water, Wellington Country Park…
“I started my session off in a swim called Lawrie’s. The Hole In The Bush swim, which was constantly doing bites, was occupied as usual. Lawrie’s looks onto the same area of water as The Bush, though, so I was relatively happy. I applied some bait to begin with but due to the low water levels was immediately pestered by swans and, unfortunately, the first night passed without event.
By the next morning, it was evident that some fish had moved to my left into Bramble Bay. They were tearing up the bottom, so I plotted up in a swim known as Daisy Point. It’s notoriously shallow, so I had to hatch a plan that would prevent the swans from interfering. I started with single hook baits and then scattered a few baits via the catapult on dark, although again, I woke up to motionless indicators.
I opted to have a wander and look into the Korda snags next door and was greeted with chocolate-coloured water. It was like a cauldron with bubbles fizzing on the surface. I even noticed the odd black shape glide past. I quickly moved my gear over and flicked out a blowback rig made up with 15lb N-Trap Soft and a size-6 Wide Gape. I replaced the 3oz leads with 2oz versions just to keep disturbance to a minimum.
After one cast with each rod, I fired ten baits around the rigs and popped the kettle on. Shortly afterwards, the rod I had cast over the fizzer pulled up tight and I was into the first of the session. The result was a lovely, old mirror of 24lb 4oz. Later that afternoon, I received another take and I landed a 26lb 14oz ghosty, which I’d seen feeding over the spot. When I was holding her up for the pictures, the fish began to flap and I received an almighty slap in the face. As it did so, I accidentally bit my tongue causing it to bleed – the fish certainly got his own back!
There were a couple of chunks still sitting in the back of the snags, but the water had cleared, making me think that they’d vacated. I decided to stick it out though and I awoke on the final morning to see my snag rod tearing away once again. I locked up and held firm, but while doing so the butt somehow sprung back and whacked me straight in the temple. I now have a bruise for my troubles!
Eventually, I guided it away from the trees and she was mine, an absolute cracker of 39lb 10oz. I was over the moon and although I got beaten up it was a cracking session and I can’t wait to return.