Pete Castle on Target

Korda consultant Pete Castle has been in touch to tell us about a couple of superb fish that he’s bagged from a no-publicity East Anglian water. Pete takes up the story, “I turned up at the lake on the Friday morning for a day session and there were already quite a few anglers set up and fishing for the weekend. Swim choice was limited and I settled for the First Swim, a quiet area of lake, but somewhere I’d caught from in the past. There was no wind on my arrival, but things started to look good once the wind got and started to blow into the bay I was fishing. I didn’t see any signs of fish, but the conditions looked right.
At about 11.00am I had a pick up off a coot. I was just sorting that rod out when the left-hand rod bleeped into life. I thought for a second that it was another coot, but when I looked up I could see no sign of birds in the area. I picked up the rod and was soon bent into a hard-fighting carp. In fact, it was one of the best battles I’ve had for some time and it turned out to be cracking 40lb mirror known as Stella. It is certainly a target fish for a lot of anglers and a capture I’ll never forget. After weighing and photographing the fish she went back into the clear depths and I enjoyed the rest of the day watching the water and chatting to like-minded people.”
Not long after that session, Pete found himself back on the bank, fishing small Funnel Web bags with crushed boilies at the bottom of a bar at 80 yards. He continues, “I fished the last weekend of the season on my local syndicate lake. There were a couple of other anglers fishing when I arrived, but no one had seen anything. A strong westerly wind was blowing and although I couldn't get into the areas I really wanted to fish, I set up in a swim known as Wasps. This gave me direct access to a large bar that runs down the middle of the lake; an area I fancied in the conditions. I didn't fish on the bar, but at bottom of the shelf in about twelve feet of water. The rod had only been out for an hour or so before it was away and after a fairly hard battle I netted a cracking old common at 33lb 8oz. I blanked for the rest of the weekend, but thoroughly enjoyed the trip.”
Well done Pete, we’re sure that you’ll have a few more in 2011!