Petals is a PB - Jake Wildbore

Here at Korda we are very passionate about one of our main events through the year, the Carp Academy. The biggest reward is not only the youngsters graduating from the academy, but seeing how they progress in their own angling after they leave us.

Jake Wildbore has recently been out with a few graduates for a weekend’s fishing down at Par
Fishery, in Essex. He runs us through their memorable session.

“We arrived late on the Friday evening at Par to be greeted with a torrential downpour. The whole evening was one big rush to get the bivvy up, throw the rods out and get in the dry. Through the night there was no action, which came as no surprise as we were fishing blind and the whole evening was a rush. At first light all of the eager youngsters were up and ready to go!

My main intention of the trip was to catch up with the young anglers, mainly to see how they have progressed since the Carp Academy. Thankfully they didn’t disappoint. I walked around through the day spending time with each lad, and I have to say the improvements were incredible. It was only a few months ago Matty and Deo were at the Carp Academy, learning their trade. Jake and Jack were graduates from two years ago and it was clear that they had definitely been away and put everything they had learnt from their tutors into practice.

The lake didn’t fish well through the weekend, but considering it was mid-November they all angled really well and managed a few fish. First blood went to Deo with an upper-double common, which he caught on a zig after seeing a few fish moving around in the upper layers. The highlight of the weekend had to be Matty Morel’s new personal best, caught on the final morning. After a short fight I netted what looked like a certain PB for Matty. When I turned and said, “It might scrape thirty” an already overexcited young man, turned into a gibbering wreck. When it came round to weighing it, the scales pulled round to 34lb 12oz. Not only did smash his current PB, it was a stunning carp known as Petals. What a great way to finish the weekend.

This really is what it’s all about for me; seeing the future of our sport growing and hopefully continuing to do so in years to come. Overall, it was a great weekend and things really are looking bright for the future if these lads are anything to go by.”

Well done Jake and the lads!