Perry Goes Large - Alan Perry

Having heard all the stories of the giants that reside in Gigantica, I just had to book a trip – pronto! So, there I was with my mrs and son travelling through the wonderful Champagne region of France destined for Gigantica. I was mega excited to say the least.
Upon arrival, I decided to have a good walk around to see if I could spot any signs of fish activity. The temperature was blisteringly hot reaching 40 degrees at times – not exactly great fishing conditions, but it would make the mini holiday all the more enjoyable and even if I blanked I’d get home with a tan!
Eventually I settled on a swim known as Co’s Point. It gave me a huge chunk of open water and the view of the whole lake. As a result, if I was to see fish show in a certain area I could up sticks and move onto them. Not only did the swim give a huge amount of water, it was also very roomy and comfortable for a couple of bivvies. This would keep the family happy.
Due to the large amounts of small species such as bream and roach, I opted purely for the large boilie approach – baits of 18mm in size. I also baited relatively heavily for me, scattering 3kg of Mainline Cell around the spots each day. My hook bait was my trusty snowman rig with an 18mm bottom bait, topped by an Indian Spice 10mm pop-up.
The first night passed without event and I had to wait until 2:00pm the next afternoon before my alarm rattled off. Due to the deep water, in excess of 24ft in places, the fish fight like tanks and even though this one only went 16lb it was a powerful carp. However, after some gentle persuasion, my trusty Free Spirit XSive rods were more than up to the task. Well chuffed with the result, and the fact that I’d avoided the dreaded blank, I recast and the action came pretty consistently after that with bites coming throughout the next few night’s and in the days. My final tally by the end of the week totalled 10 fish. This was topped by two wonderful carp. A mirror weighing 57lb 8oz, which was magnificent, and a common going 42lb 2oz. These two fish really made the trip a memorable one and I’m absolutely gagging to get back. The 50 came at 7:00am on the final morning so really was the icing on the cake.
My rigs for the trip were kept simple and reliable, constructed with Hybrid Stiff in conjunction with Wide Gape B 6’s. The Hybrid was crimped to the Link Loop and I slid two Sinkers on the hooklength to keep it pinned to the lake bed in this gin-clear water.