Pecky Ups His PB - Darrell Peck

Darrell Peck has amassed another huge haul of fabulous Belgian whackers, and he’s still got a few days of his three-week-long session to go!

Targeting a deep, 100-acre lake on a series of sessions this year, Darrell has managed to tick off some of the sought-after A-Team that the lake holds, including the two huge mirrors and 55lb koi that we reported recently. This latest session has proven to be the best yet, and Darrell has slipped the net under 12 fish, topped off by a new PB!

After flitting between swims in the couple of days that followed his arrival, Darrell managed to secure a central swim that would allow him to employ the bait-and-wait tactics that he had a hunch would prove successful. After chasing fish around the big pit all summer, Darrell set about introducing 4kg of Mainline High Impact Banoffee and Cell boilies to a firm mark at around 140 yards range.

Action followed quickly and he was soon slipping the net under a dark, thickset 51lb common. Just a couple of days later however, he landed another huge fish, this time a fish called Jimmy’s Common, which equalled Darrell’s overall PB, Two Tone from Conningbrook at 65lb 4oz. Delighted with his results, he battled on, using his signature simple tactics. His rigs comprised size-six Wide Gapes, knotless-knotted to 20lb Dark Matter braid. These were tied direct to a Hybrid Lead clip, into the back of which was plugged a 12in length of Dark Matter tubing. To get the range, Darrell used either 4oz or 4.5oz Distance Casting Swivel leads.

Unbelievably, there were more huge fish to follow as they got tuned right into his baited area. Commons of 49lb, 51lb and 56lb quickly succumbed, as well as another true giant, Spade of Scales, which slammed the scales round to a staggering 67lb 12oz, upping his long-held PB. With a few days left of his session, we simply wouldn’t bet against Darrell adding to his formidable tally again! We’ll keep you informed if he does!